So, we’ve made it to August already! Most of the way through the wedding season and next month NEXT MONTH, we can start thinking about Christmas. But that’s next month. And its only thinking…

For now, let’s focus on awkward-arse presents. You know, the ones that INSIST on being shaped like teapots or three-legged stools… the ones you look at and think “I’ll just stick a bow on it!”

Well, to prevent us all sticking bows on presents willy-nilly, here are a few of my tips, on how to wrap these awkward gifts beautifully!

The watering can

My first ever wrap, when I set up Wrap It, was a watering can! An actual real-life watering can! So, for this, I went with ‘more is definitely more’ in terms of paper… well actually cellophane and tissue paper… just GO. FOR. IT. I laid out sheets (and sheets and sheets) of tissue paper on top of a large piece of cellophane. Then I pulled up the cellophane and tissue paper it all around the watering can… gathered it all in to the middle until it met at the top. Sure, having larger/ten hands helps with this, but those of us with the usual two hands of average size, will manage it! Practice though. Practice. Secure it with an elastic band, then tie a BEAUTIFUL ribbon round it and cut away the elastic band.  

The football

Footballs or anything that has the ability to roll away from you and your wrapping paper (soooo annoying!), can be kept still and perfectly placed to wrap, by standing them on a roll of sellotape. Just make sure the sellotape is underneath the wrapping paper…otherwise that becomes part of the present too! Oh, and THEN make sure you have another roll handy to, you know, wrap the present!

The wheel

While we’re on the subject of rollin’ things, I was once asked how to wrap a bicycle wheel…

My answer? Bubble wrap. Obviously, go wild with beautiful paper afterwards but start by wrapping the whole thing in bubble wrap. Square up the edges and protect the spokes from damage.

The body butter

If you’re wrapping something circular that doesn’t need bubble wrap, maybe a tin of biscuits or body butter (you know the ones that you never actually use!) give the pleating method a go. Have a look at the photo and maybe come along to one of my workshops in October or November and I’ll show you how to do it!

The nail varnish bottle

Any small items like a bottle of nail varnish or bouncy balls can be wrapped in a Calypso- shaped box. You remember the ice lollies that looked like they were in a squished box – also known as Jubbly lollies – DELICIOUS! Anyway, you can make a similar shaped box – HURRAY! All you need is a roll of paper, about the same size as the inside of a toilet roll… squish one end, pop the present inside and then squish the other end, the opposite way to the first one. Then wrap it all up beautifully! Boom!

The wine bottle

Whatever your preferred tipple, or that of your loved ones, always, and I mean ALWAYS wrap it to perfection – it adds to the whole experience of drinking it. So, layer up the cellophane with two (or more) colours of tissue paper, place the bottle in the centre and pull the paper up around it. Gather it all at the top and stick a bow on it… or baubles, or fresh flowers. In my experience, this technique gets easier with practice, and if you need some help to get you on your way, I’ll also cover this in my workshops.

The everything else

Of course, there is one little gem of a wrap that covers everything, from wine bottles to wheels – the gift bag. ALL HAIL THE GIFT BAG! The best part is, you can make your own. Choose the paper, choose the size and away you go – again, this technique will be covered in my workshops.

Until next month, have loads of fun wrapping all those awkward shapes and here are a few examples of some of mine xx