Stand aside Christmas, this month is ALL about Halloween! Which, actually never used to be that much of a ‘thing’ in the UK. BUT over the last few years, it has become MASSIVE!

I’ve seen kids dressed as Elsa (of Frozen fame) and Spongebob (of Squarepants fame), both of which were super cute but neither depicting the traditions of Hallows Eve. It seems, we have become a nation who celebrate 31st of October without the necessity for ‘Scream’ masks and fake blood! So, with that in mind, let’s add presents… or at least wrap the sweets up to look like presents. Yes? YES!


I’m all about celebrating with as much colour as possible and this new stance on Halloween means that we CAN!

So, buy an absolute SHED LOAD of sweets and rather than shove them all in a plastic bowl or hand them out in their plastic wrappers – get creative.

Last year was all about the googly eyes at Wrap It HQ – here they are in all their googly glory

YES, they are glass jars, YES, I painted them, YES, they are full of delicious treats and YES you could make them too. Super fun to make – even the kids can get involved! If you want any hints and tips on this – just email me at Wrapit_presents@outlook.com

I mean, who says all wrapping has to be done with paper?

However, if paper is your fave and you’re after something equally as cute, check these little packages out

OBVIOUSLY, these also feature googly eyes because, why not?! But ‘Wend’, I hear you cry, ‘should we use self-adhesive googly eyes, or glue them ourselves?’  In my experience, the self-adhesive ones work really well… they actually stick better than using glue AND they are less mess! #winwin

So, this Halloween, say ‘Hallo’ (get it?!?) to celebration in EVERY sense of the word (Prosecco anyone?!) and let all your creepy crafting skills out… until next time…


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