Life is full of choices. What to have for breakfast (most important meal of the day), whether or not to apply for that new job (always aim high), what series to next binge watch on Netflix (so. many. Options.) But for some of us, one of the biggest and most frequent choices we make is which ribbon to use to make what bow.

We all know that ribbons won’t save the day but a well-crafted bow could make someone’s day – especially if its atop a beautifully wrapped gift!

Now, the size of a bow depends on the size of the gift and the chosen ribbon. So, for example, if I’m – travelling back to the noughties and –  giving someone a CD, for those who can’t remember what this looks like – its small and flat. Deserving of a small yet voluminous bow. This is where wire – edged ribbon enters and shines! It can be easily manipulated and holds its shape beautifully. Hurrah for wire-edged ribbon!                

Wire-edged ribbon

Wrapping a bulky box? Then satin ribbon is your friend. Available in single or double sided, this ribbon enables you to create sleek, elegant bows that sit flat to the gift Finishing the wrap with simplicity and style.

Satin bow. Photo from Pinterest

Grosgrain Ribbon, on the other hand, is better suited for single bows or classic knots. Add some flowers (fresh or fake) to your bow/knot and create a shabby-chic bouquet on top of the gift.

Grosgrain ribbon
Grosgrain bow

Everyone knows that a sexy present (could be a bottle of champagne or… something else!) deserves a velvet ribbon (right?!) – it’s beautiful, rich texture can be single or double sided. The natural luxury of this ribbon works well for single loop bows. 

Velvet ribbon – photo from Pinterest

On the other hand, giving your gran a new cardi or a picture frame might require something lighter. With layers. Organza perhaps? Its transparent and light and makes fabulous multi-layer bows. Go to town with this one and layer up!

Organza bow. Photo from Pinterest

My favourite? A flower bow, tied with a beautifully patterned wire-edged ribbon because…why not add va va voom to a gift?! Always.

Flower bow in wire-edged ribbon