So, let’s talk weddings. The season is in full swing and it’s so. much. fun. The sun is (hopefully) shining, there are (hungover) brides and (petrified of the speeches) grooms, bridesmaids (hating their dresses), flower girls (picking their noses), Paige boys (surreptitiously being fed grapes and sweets to encourage smiles) and all the beautifully made/wrapped/crafted little bits that go in between…it’s a gift-wrapper’s dream!

Something I try to avoid at weddings is wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids (unless you were hoping to BE a bridesmaid. In which case, why not show up carrying your own bouquet of flowers too!)

Have you seen these bouquets? They are made completely of paper. They will never die. You don’t have to faff about drying them out after the big day, so, even if you are the actual bride and not a pretend bridesmaid – GO PAPER!

image from Pinterest

So, you’ve sat through the ceremony (which, by the way, was lovely!) and everyone is standing around waiting for photos and the confetti- lob.

Don’t panic! There is absolutely no need to behead any nearby flowers and throw the petals at newlyweds.  Obviously, you are well prepared and have a bunch of homemade confetti in your pocket/bag!

And, if you don’t have time to make, I can totally do this for you- in line with the colour scheme of the wedding or totally rogue and of your own choosing. Go for the usual hearts and horse shoe shapes…with the odd dinosaur (for budding paleontologists) or other personalised shapes for the bride and groom. All made from biodegradable, beautiful (obviously) paper.

Then, FINALLY, it’s time to EAT!! But first, the table plan, the decorations and the favours! A lot of brides stress over this so much. I mean, sure, they want everyone to enjoy the food BUT they want the décor to make an impact…

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The table plan to be clear and striking:

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And the favours to be the kind of thing their guests will want to keep forever…once they have finished making the tables look lovely!

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Having eaten your body weight in prawn cocktails and melon balls (because, obviously, this is a wedding in the 70s!) it’s time to check out the gift table and add yours in PRIDE OF PLACE! Even if they have asked for money or vouchers and they have one of those wooden well things to post them in (because, as previously mentioned, we are in the 70s…) you can wrap them imaginatively and prop them NEXT to the well, for all to see!

If they have asked for donations towards a new home or honeymoon, choose pages from a relevant magazine/travel brochure and wrap away. You can add flowers (paper or real) or ribbon – always LOVE ribbon, as a finishing touch. #hearteyes

Larger gifts in boxes are always fun to wrap, as you can full-on theme these to match the day (along the same lines as the fake-bridesmaid dress) or go all out and make them look like this:

Brown paper is completely recyclable and offers so many options for fancy and/or funky wraps – here are some more gorgeously, planet- saving ideas. Ooo, makes me want to go to ALL THE WEDDINGS!

However, let’s just take a moment to consider the epic-ness of being a bride. Sure, you are marrying the love of your life and you get to wear the dress of your dreams. Hopefully you won’t have to buy a drink all night and you are surrounded by all your loved ones for one glorious day BUT, the amount of preparation, organisation, consideration and gift wrapping that comes before this day is PHENOMENAL!

There are Hen do gift bags, bridesmaid gifts, mother of the bride and groom gifts, groomsmen gifts (and let’s face it ladies, there aren’t many grooms that take on this one!)

Gifts for your new husband/wife, gifts for the children to keep them entertained at the tables and then, you can bet your bottom dollar, that some awkward-andrew will have his birthday on the same day or the day after your wedding…so there’s that one too!

Hen do bags are super fun and can either be totally handmade or a pimped- up generic gift bag. Your choice ladies but here are some of my faves: 

For all gifts given on the day, I would suggest sticking to one theme (there is enough to think about already!) that brings in elements of your wedding and personalising each wrap like this:

Image from Pinterest
image from Pinterest

Super classy, simple and personal.

Now let’s get out there, celebrate love and wrapping in all its glory!

Happy wedding season