A good laugh with friends is often described as the best kind of therapy. Just imagine adding metres of beautiful ribbon, reams of gorgeous wrapping paper and a professional (me) to answer all your gift-wrapping questions. AND learn how to make, yes MAKE gift bags (you know, the ones we spend a bazillion pounds on each year, even though we have at least 100 stashed under the bed in the spare room!) good, right?!?  

If home-made gift bags haven’t swayed it for you (are you ok hun?!) let’s talk about other options that are specific to you and your crew (eco-friendly paper, anyone?!). I love making each event personal but they all come complete with prosecco/a soft drink if preferred and all the necessary wrapping, cutting, sticking, curling and tying equipment.

So, all you have to do is choose who to invite, where you’re going to hold the party and what flavor crisps you’re going to serve. Make it a cosy night in with close friends and family, or go for a larger group and book the village hall!

I REALLY enjoy a themed party (I mean, who doesn’t?!), so if you’re all getting ready to attend a wedding (or ten) this summer, let’s focus on wrapping the BEST-looking wedding gift – even if it’s a voucher. Yup, that’s right, we can make vouchers look pretty too!

Or go all out for a significant birthday/anniversary/Christmas/any opportunity to wrap something beautifully.

And just to prove how good I am (cough cough) here is a stonking great review from the last party I held;

‘What a wonderful idea for a party! We had a small girly evening in my kitchen and the whole thing was perfect. Wendy was professional, yet friendly and put us all at ease. Her teaching style is fun and all inclusive, so even those in the group who were less ‘crafty’ felt included and encouraged. I would highly recommend Wendy and this kind of event to anyone looking for something a bit different to do with friends and family. Lovely.’

So, if you fancy it, contact me through the website and let’s arrange something magical!

Happy Bank Holiday-ing


ALL the paper!!


Showing ’em how it’s done…


It’s all so pretty